Value From Market Knowledge


1.      The Company seeks to acquire and invest in existing operating businesses that are engaged in providing services.

2.      The Company seeks businesses that are concentrated in the real estate, clean energy, financial services and energy management sectors.

3.      The Company will retain interests in all the projects it originates and manages.

4.      Investments and acquisitions are designed to take the form of common stock, preferred stock, debt (and debt assumptions) and cash.

5.      We prefer businesses located in lower-cost metropolitan areas that can be expanded nationally.

6.      At the present, we prefer businesses which generate a majority of their income from U.S. domestic sales and operations.

7.      We prefer businesses that have a stable base of employees and an energetic management team that has the capacity and vision for growth.

8.       The Company plans to provide corporate oversight and administration. Investees must be committed to eliminating local administrative functions to obtain value enhancement.

Beneficial Holdings Acquisition Criteria